Creating Simple Product using WooCommerce CRUD

Creating Simple Product using WooCommerce CRUD

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6 thoughts on “Creating Simple Product using WooCommerce CRUD


    Just a comment here!
    the set_options() method gets an array and not a string



    Hi, very nice website, cheers!


    How do i set image by its url not id.

    • Hi Mike,

      There is no such option to set image by URL, you have to get the ID of that image then you can assign that to a product.


    Well !!!
    I had tried to search how to add a product using woocommerce hook or action or classes /functions but couldn’t found and I was inserting the product though wp_insert_post().but it was not the way and it was added the products but the user couldn’t buy that. after googling many times i have found the solution to proper way of insert the products using woocommerce codex.


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