Author: Raunak Gupta

I'm an expert Laravel, WooCommerce, WordPress theme and plugin developer, over the time I have developed several sites and applications. I like to help the upcoming developer, So I share my experience through this blog.

Creating Simple Product using WooCommerce CRUD

WooCommerce 3.0 had released a new way of creating, updating or deleting a product or an order using CRUD method. In this tutorial, we’ll be learning how to use it to create or update a product.

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WooCommerce Coupon Graphics

MySQL Query to Get All Coupon

MySQL query to list all the published WooCommerce Coupon.

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netbeans keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for NetBeans, Sublime Text and PhpStorm

Aha! so you too looking for a keyboard hack 😉 Spend time finding the correct menu for a specific action and forgot afterwards. Then why not use keyboard shortcuts which might come handy.

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Order graphics

How to Get Order Details by Order ID

Wondering how to get the WooCommerce full order details by Order ID? Don’t worry in this tutorial I have written one function that will help to get the details in a fraction of a second.

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product attribute banner

How Product Attribute are Stored in Database

Wondering how WooCommerce stores the product attributes information in the database? In this tutorial, I have taken a deep drive in WooComerce and database which will give you a brief idea of how product attribute are organized in WordPress Tables.

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Prepand Blog to Post Permalink

How to Add ‘/blog/’ Prefix in Blog Posts

Add blog to all the single posts permalink without writing a single line of code!

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Display Popular Posts by Views in WordPress without a Plugin

If you don’t have comments on a post then how to order post by popularity? Why not order it by view count with a simple hack!

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Adding Custom Fields to WooCommerce Product Category

Wondering how to add custom fields to taxonomy admin page, then check out this tutorial, it ‘ll guide you as to how you can achieve this with the simple line of code.

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Accessing WordPress Post through Laravel

It is 2nd Chapter of a series of the tutorial where you can learn how to integrate WordPress and Laravel. In this tutorial we will be learning as how to access WordPress post or any custom post type throught Laravel application.

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