Author: Raunak Gupta

I'm an expert Laravel, WooCommerce, WordPress theme and plugin developer, over the time I have developed several sites and applications. I like to help the upcoming developer, So I share my experience through this blog.

Laravel and WordPress Integration – Installation

[PHP] Checkout what happens when world best CMS meets with the most popular MVC framework. It is a series of the tutorial where you can learn how to integrate WordPress and Laravel.

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Shell Script To Backup MySQL Database

In search of a Shell script to take a database backup every day through cron? then your search ends here. Read this tutorial, to save your time by taking a database backup every day manually.

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Custom Order By Attributes

This tutorial will teach you as to how you can add custom sorting or ordering of product by its attribute in shop page.

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move 404 URL to 410 in WordPress

Move All 404 To 410

Does your webmaster report has a large 404 page and you want to permanently solve this issue with 410, then your search ends here.

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Add Attribute to WooCommerce Product Programmatically

Are you looking for how to add product attribute(s) through in WooCommerce programmatically, then here is the solution for all the above query.

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securing wordpress 7 essential security steps

Secure WordPress site without using any plugin

WordPress security is like empowering your army with new and upgrade weapons so that they don’t get defeated. It’s all about bolstering the border gates and putting lookouts on every watch tower. But that term doesn’t always allow you to realize the details that go into improving site security.

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how to get facebook app id

How to Create Facebook App

Learning how to get a Facebook App ID or App Secret for Facebook dependent functionality for your website, then you are at the right place.

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How to Move WordPress From Local Server to Live Site

Stuck while Moving your WordPress website to a live server? Follow these six simple steps, which will to help you through the process.

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