API Credentials

To use this tool you have to get the WazirX API credentials from here. after getting that copy-paste it over here also store it at your end for future use.

Select the currency/trading pair that you generally use for buying crypto then fill the API Key and API Secret and hit the "Fetch Orders" button. That's it within a few seconds it will pull all the orders and will do a heavy calculation in the backend and will display the report below.

Please Note:

  • We do not keep or store your API information.
  • When you are creating an API key, only give the Read-Only permissions
  • To provide a better user experience we do the following things, also by doing this compile with the WazirX API limiting policies
    • We cache or temporarily store your order information in an encoded format for 60min.
    • Your wallet information is cached for 30min.
    • And we refresh market at every 5min.
  • This tool only considers the trade/order that happen or executed in the WazirX platform. if you had transferred it from Binance and or from any other platform then this tool will not be able to give you the correct result for that specific coin as there is no API to pull those details.
  • Also if you bought a coin in WazirX and transferred it to some other exchange of wallet then those coins of quantity will not be taken into account as that coin is not in your WazirX wallet.
  • This tool is still in the beta phase. If you found any discrepancy or error or an issue then please let me via this form or you can DM me on Twitter.

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial WazirX Portfolio Tracker which enhances the wallet user experience. The brand and copyright of the word "WazirX" belong to WazirX (https://wazirx.com).